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31 August 2011 ~ Comments Off

Starting Point Note from Phillip

I love the fall!  Cooler weather, college football, and at Cedar Creek it means a church-wide series and Home group study.   This September (11th for Banks Mill and 18th for West and Ridge campuses) we are kicking off Starting Point, a ten week study to help all of us take a next step of growth in our relationship with God and each other.

Your life is a story.  It began the moment you drew your first breath, and the plot continues to develop with each passing day.   But to truly understand your story, you need to see how it fits into a much bigger story…God’s story.  The Bible not only reveals God’s story, but it also helps us understand where we fit.  As we walk through the pages of the Bible from creation to eternity, we’ll discover not only how the Bible is put together and why it is reliable, but also how it helps us discover God’s plan and purpose for our lives.

As excited as I am about preaching this series on Sunday mornings, I’m even more excited about the opportunity for us to go deeper with this material in Home group.  If you’re not in a group, please take the first step to get connected now by clicking here.  While you may enjoy and learn from the weekend messages, real growth happens when you make it personal with a few others.  Whether you’re a skeptic, seeker, new believer or committed Christ follower, there’s something for you in Starting Point.

Looking forward to taking this journey with you!

God Bless,


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24 August 2011 ~ Comments Off

Baptism Service

There will be a Baptism Service, Sunday, September 18, 6pm, Gem Lakes Recreation Area.

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24 August 2011 ~ Comments Off

HOME Groups

HOME Groups Open House Drop In, August 28-September 2. Drop in to any of our HOME Groups on the night they meet to get a taste of what that group is like. A list of group details is available at the Banks Mill Welcome Centers.

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10 February 2011 ~ Comments Off

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