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Kidz Creek Parent Connection June 24th

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Kidz Creek Parent Connection Jun 17th

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11 June 2012 ~ 2 Comments

A Note from David Hardy

Dear Cedar Creek Church family:

I have loved serving with Cedar Creek Church alongside my friend Phillip Lee and with you. I am excited about how God is working in and through you, and I am proud of the way this church is continuing to stretch itself to reach out to the next unchurched person.

However, I want you to know that God is leading me to move my family back to Greenville to serve at my former church, Brookwood Church, as the Adult Discipleship Pastor.  I want to be transparent and share the journey I went through to make this decision.

I have been open to this opportunity because of the declining health of my wife’s mom, and the responsibility I feel toward her parents to be a support to them in Greenville.  But the real reason I am making this step is because I have sensed God speaking to me to do so.

Last fall, Brookwood sent me a job description of a position they were looking for, and asked me if I knew anyone who might be interested.  I referred a couple of people to them, but felt God begin to speak to me through that still, small voice, to consider the position myself.  I began to sense God speaking through sermons I heard, through devotions in staff meetings, through things said in HOME group, and through words said by each of our campus pastors.  I told God that I was content here, and reluctant to pursue this position, so I made a deal with God that I would be open to going back if He guided Brookwood to ask me to come back, rather than me contacting them.    In February of this year, their pastor called and asked me if I would be open to praying about coming back.  I said I would pray, but I needed some time. 

The usual way that God confirms a big decision like this for me is through Scripture.  As I pray about a decision and read God’s Word, usually the Bible will begin to apply to my situation, and God will give clear direction.  God quickly gave me a couple of passages that were clearly guiding me back to Greenville to serve at Brookwood.  As I went through the difficult process of sharing this with Phillip, he was very kind in trying to convince me to stay, but also very gracious in allowing me to follow the direction that God was leading me.

I asked God why He guided me so clearly five years ago through a difficult decision to leave Brookwood and come to Cedar Creek, and then so quickly guided me through a difficult decision to go back there.  I began to realize that God gave me a wonderful gift in allowing me to serve at least five years with my friends, Phillip and Terry Lee, and to make many new friends to serve alongside.  I will remain partners with Cedar Creek Church, and will always consider myself to be part of the Cedar Creek Church family.  I am thankful for your influence on me and my family, and the experiences we have shared.  Cedar Creek Church has loved us well!

I will be in the office through June 14, and then will begin vacation before I start at Brookwood on June 24, so June 10 is my last Sunday at Cedar Creek Church.   I thank God for the time I have spent with you.

Sincerely, David Hardy

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Kidz Creek Parent Connection June 10th

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Baptism Service Location Change

The Baptism Service that was scheduled to be at Gem Lakes at 6:00 pm, Sunday, June 10, has been moved to the Cedar Creek Banks Mill Worship Center due to the weather.  The baptism will take place at 6:00 pm, and we will have pizza afterward in the gym.  Those who are being baptized should meet on the front row of the Worship Center at 5:30 pm.

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Banks Mill Campus Baptism Service

Cedar Creek Banks Mill will have a Baptism Service on Sunday, June 10, at 6:00 pm.  THIS BAPTISM HAS BEEN MOVED FROM GEM LAKES TO THE BANKS MILL WORSHIP CENTER DUE TO WEATHER. Go to the Baptism page on the website for more information on baptism.

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Kidz Creek Parent Connection June 3rd

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