15 September 2011

Starting Point NEWS

Starting Point Has Begun!

I left the Banks Mill campus this past Sunday, September 11, with one puzzle piece in my pocket – wondering what the completed puzzle looked like that contained my puzzle piece.  We were reminded that it is helpful to see the big picture to gain a better understanding of the part we play in life.  We began the Starting Point series with some help toward taking steps to find our place in the story – God’s story.

As we begin to look at God’s overall story to get a better understanding of our purpose, we will go to the Bible for the script that reveals His reality and our purpose.  But why should we believe the Bible? This Sunday, September 18, we will explore the relevance and reliability of Scripture as we continue the search to find our place in God’s story. 

I hope to see you at Baptism at Gem Lakes this Sunday night, September 18, at 6:00 pm. Thanks, David Hardy