13 December 2011

CENTERPOINT – Sunday Morning reWind (12/11/2011)

Tis the Season – Peace

It seems that we are always singing about peace during Christmas time doesn’t it? But the truth is that a lot of times our lives feel a lot more like the family depicted in Home Alone, where everything that could go wrong during Christmas does go wrong. Its almost like we just have to endure our families so we can get to the good stuff – the presents!

The truth is that peace can never be found by examining your circumstances and situations to determine whether everything is right or not – because everything is never¬†going to be right! There is always going to problems, issues, arguments, and everything else that tempts to steal peace from your life. The good news of Christmas, though, is that Jesus offers us peace in the midst of our circumstances and situations. We can look to Jesus and find peace even when our circumstances are chaotic. Even when things aren’t all right, our hearts can be right in Jesus.

Christmas is a season of peace because Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Check out Isaiah 9:6 when the prophet was looking forward to our Savior coming – he called him the Prince of Peace! And when the angels came to visit the shepherd, they proclaimed in Luke 2:14, “”Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.”

Here are some very cool ways that Jesus brings peace into our lives:

  • Supernatural ¬†Comfort – even in the midst of all the “crap” that’s going on in our, Jesus brings an unexplainable, unfathomable peace to our hearts.
  • Lasting and Sincere Contentment – Jesus teaches us and works in us so that we are content with who we are in Him and what He has given us.
  • Strength to Get Through – The Holy Spirit (GOD!) lives in our hearts – the same power that conquered the grave lives in us! We have strength and power in us.
  • Greater Purpose for Life – a lot of our unrest and anxiety comes from following the world’s definition of success – and Jesus gives us a new way to live that is full of peace and rest, living in His will for our lives.
  • Loving Father – God holds us, comforts us, protects us, loves us as a loving Father, and we can rest in His arms knowing He is there
My prayer for everyone this Christmas is that you will be filled with the peace that comes from Jesus!

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