24 July 2012

Making a Global Difference

For most, the summer means slowing down, taking it easy.  But not Cedar Creek! I don’t think I can express in words how much God is using what you are doing here to spread the GOOD NEWS to folks all over the world!!!!  Do you even know how
awesome that is???? We’ve had families, adults, students, just all kind of folks going all over the world and still going, so keep praying.  But we got some more amazing news from a partner of ours, Ebenezer, just this week.  Here’s the gist of it…Cedar Creek’s HOME group leader manual is being translated into Hindi.  This is the National language of India.  INDIA, like a Billion people!!!!!!!  Can you even imagine????  And the Jesus film has been translated into the Irula language which means that all the folks that can’t read will be able to understand the Gospel in their heart language.  Guys…YOU are helping this take place.  Your sacrificial giving, your PRAYERS, your support of the vision to do Crazy things that other churches don’t do, your willingness to GO places people have never heard of, your willingness to be UNCOMFORTABLE!!!  I’m telling you, Jesus is well pleased with YOU and I am honored to serve you guys.

P.S.  Home group plug here- This is like the 7th or 8th language the HOME group leader guide has been translated into.  Why?  Because it works in any language!  Because it is Biblical!  If you aren’t in a HOME group you need to get into one, over a billion and counting, we’re better than hamburgers J

Kristi Hunter

Global Outreach Coordinator