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28 January 2014

FPU Class Cancellation & Information

Good Afternoon Cedar Creek Banks Mill,

Due to the forecast for winter weather, we will not have FPU at CC Banks Mill on Wednesday night January 29th.

The Wednesday night FPU Class will be rescheduled for Thursday night, January 30th, at its normal time of 6:30pm.

HOME Groups and HOME Group Members – If your HOME Group canceled either Tuesday or Wednesday night due to the weather and you would like to attend on Thursday night to make up your missed session please do so.  If you use a sitter for childcare please utilize the sitter you normally use.  If you are unable to use your sitter and need to bring your child with you (birth to 5th grade), we will need to know the number of children along with the ages of those requiring childcare during the session.  Please contact our Childcare Coordinator Lauren Pruitt  at lpruitt@cedarcreekchurch.net

If you’d like to see a preview of what session 1 is all about, you can see that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLX3wUY1xGg

The most important part of session 1 is the homework assignment, which is completing the “Quick-Start Budget” form before week 2.  If you are unable to attend a week 1 make-up session, you can find the form to complete before week 2 for free at this address: https://www.daveramsey.com/media/pdf/fpu_qbudget.pdf

Have a great day and stay safe!

The Staff of Cedar Creek Banks Mill

26 January 2014

Kidz Creek Parent Connection Jan. 26th

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26 January 2014

Day 21 – A Simple Question


25 January 2014

Day 20 – A Dangerous Habit

Day 20

24 January 2014

Day 19 – The Power of Presence

Day 19

23 January 2014

Day 18 – Just Passing Through

Day 18

22 January 2014

Day 17 – Commended for their Faith


Day 17

Four Days and Counting

I can’t wait for this Sunday.  We’ve been talking about Momentum for several months and now it’s finally here.  While I’m very excited to have Rachel Ramsey Cruze as our guest speaker this weekend, I’m even more excited to see how God is going to use the next nine weeks to begin bringing hope, healing and peace to so many of us here at Cedar Creek and throughout our communities.

The two main questions I’ve been asked over these last few months are “What is Momentum?” and “Why are we doing it?”  Those are great questions.  For twenty years Cedar Creek Church has focused on providing practical Biblical teaching that people can use in their daily lives and on being a blessing to our community and the world.  Momentum allows us to bring both of those core values together.  Using Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University study, we can help teach people in simple and practical ways how to honor God with their finances and in doing so, we will be unleashing the generosity of Cedar Creeker’s to radically impact the lost and hurting people all around us for years to come.  Imagine what the people of God could do for the Kingdom of God if they were financially free.

The video below gives a great example of how the FPU principles can change lives and leave a legacy for generations.  I want everyone to be a part of this.  It doesn’t matter what age or season of life you’re in or what your current financial situation is, this stuff will impact your life.

That’s why I’m asking you to make three commitments for Momentum.  First, join us at one of our three campuses this Sunday (January 26th) for the kickoff service.  Second, begin praying that God would move in your life and in our community over these next nine weeks.  And third, get plugged into Home Group or FPU class at your campus to begin the road to financial freedom.

For more information, check out www.momentum.cedarcreekchurch.net.

See ya Sunday!


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21 January 2014

Day 16 – Sustaining Friendships

Day 16

20 January 2014

Day 15 – Serving in Jesus’ Name

Day 15

19 January 2014

Kidz Creek Parent Connection Jan. 19th

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19 January 2014

Day 14 – Facing Criticism

Day 14

18 January 2014

Day 13 – Mo-Prayer: Lay Down Your Life

Day 13