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03 March 2014

Battling a Giant!



CAMBODIA-WOMEN-TRAFFIC-RESCUED  Most of you have heard at least a little about how God has broken my heart for those caught in the sex trafficking trade.  One of Cedar Creek’s first steps to fight this global giant was to partner with a home in South Asia that takes in minor girls after they are rescued from this terrible life.  Below is an excerpt from their most recent newsletter, names and locations have been changed for security, but we still invite you to pray for the workers and girls you will read about.


“Working at the home is full of joy, most of the time.  But there are also times of sadness, of loss, of wondering, “What if…” and “If only….” We found out in January that, as we suspected, our two runaway girls returned home. Home to the same houses out of which they were engaged in prostitution after school. The same homes from which they came to us so lice infested, the bathroom floor was littered with more black dots than I could count.


We have learned that one of the girls, “Lydia,” gave birth in December to a beautiful baby that, tragically, died of neglect. The details are fuzzy, but we know that “Lydia’s” health was also in danger and a local non-profit in the area stepped in and assisted her, taking her to a hospital and they are now trying to get her back into school. The second girl, “Mara,” returned home, but her family was forced to leave their rented house, so we do not know what has become of her or the baby she carried.

When we received the news about our girls, we began making plans to travel to their region to investigate.  However, this area is very insecure and some recent events are making it unsafe for us to go at this time. 

Please continue to pray for “Lydia” and “Mara” that the local nonprofit working with “Lydia” would return her to our home where she is safe, and that “Mara” will be found.

On a happier note, we received 3 new volunteers in January.  They will be with us from 6 months – 2 years.  We are excited to have them.  We have also heard of 2 girls from our region that have recently been rescued in other areas of our country and we are hoping that they will be sent to our home to begin their recovery.

Thank you for sharing in this journey with us.”

This is why we are doing Momentum.  To unleash the generosity of Cedar Creek Church to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the “least of these” in our community and around the world.

If you would like to know how we are partnering locally or globally against sex trafficking please send an email to outreach@cedarcreekchurch.net.

Thanks for joining the battle!


02 March 2014

Kidz Creek Parent Connection

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01 March 2014

Happy New Month – March Campus Connection

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26 February 2014

Banks Mill folks Being The Church (Part #1)

Last weekend (2/22/14) we had a few folks show up to Be the Church!  We had a great time and helped a few folks too.


One project was right outside our front door.  As we were gathering to go out, this gentleman was trying desperately to get his and our mailbox areas cleaned up.  So “See a need, meet a need” and we did.  He explained to us that he was actually on his way to Atlanta to visit with his daughter.  We told him to go on we got this!

Our next project was on Murray ave.  We met Mis Kim.  Her dad actually called me asking if we could help his daughter.  She is a disabled single mom who needed some help getting some limbs off of her house.


These guys did an amazing job at getting the trees off of her house.

Even the kids had fun!

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Hope to see you this Saturday for round 2 of the Banks Mill Be The Church!  For more information call Steve at 803.649.3096 ext 127 or email steve@cedarcreekchurch.net

25 February 2014

Cedar Creek Banks Mill Be the Church Day – March 1st, 2014


* Please bring your own water coolers.  You will be able to fill them up at the campus with ice and water.

23 February 2014

Kidz Creek Parent Connection February 23rd

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18 February 2014

FPU…Changing Lives and Impacting the Next Generation

Believe it or not, we are at the half-way point of Momentum.  I have been blown away by your enthusiasm for and participation in Financial Peace University.  However, I know at this point in the process it can be easy to get discouraged and to begin to feel like its not working.  I want to encourage you to keep on working the process because God is at work.  To help you stay encouraged, I want to share with you this article from the Hilton Head Island Packet Newspaper.  Jamie and Liz Bodie are former Cedar Creeker’s who moved to Bluffton, SC several years ago.  In 2008, they were $100,000 in debt and in a financial crisis.  They signed up for an FPU class and in twenty-five months they were debt free.  Now they are teaching their three kids how to handle money God’s way.


Check out this great article and watch the video at the end of the article of their “Debt Free” scream on the Dave Ramsey Radio Show.




God Bless,



16 February 2014

Kidz Creek Parent Connection February 16th

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13 February 2014

FPU Cancelled again!

Due to the ice and power outages throughout Aiken the FPU class that was rescheduled for tonight (Thursday) will be move to Sunday night at 5:30pm in the Adult Worship Center.  The normal Sunday night FPU group will continue to meet in the Centerpoint worship room at 5:30pm.


Babysitting will still be provided and will open at 5:20pm.  Due to all of the FPU sessions that will be going on that night, we ask that you contact Lauren at lpruitt@cedarcreekchurch.net with the name and age of each child that will require childcare (Birth through 5th grade).


The staff of Cedar Creek Church at the Banks Mill Campus

11 February 2014

Wednesday Night FPU Rescheduled to Thursday Night

Hello Cedar Creek Banks Mill!

Due to the forecast for winter weather, we will not have FPU at CC Banks Mill on Wednesday.

FPU has been rescheduled for Thursday at 6:30pm.

If you plan to attend a make-up session and need childcare, please contact Lauren at lpruitt@cedarcreekchurch.net along with the ages of any children requiring childcare during the session.

The homework for session 3 includes:

1.  Cash flow planning with your spouse or accountability partner (if single). Don’t forget to bring your zero-based budget back to class for session 4. Don’t worry about us looking at all your budget numbers. The only number we’ll be looking for is the zero at the bottom!  If you need extra copies of the forms, you can find them here:  http://www.daveramsey.com/tools/budget-forms/

2.  Each campus will have a drawing for a fabulous prize for each person that shares their budget with a member of the finance team for review. If you’d like to bring in a hard copy next session that’s fine (we will deliver them in a sealed envelope to a team member) or if you’d like to email it to a finance team member directly, here’s their email addresses:

John Travis johntravis@ryaltd.com

Don Nesbitt don@csradocumentsolutions.com

Mark Chostner mchostner1@yahoo.com

Andrea Graham andrea@cedarcreekchurch.net

Joel Stewart joel@snyderandstewart.com

Keila Burkhart  shineinaiken@yahoo.com

Dane Burkhart pacergolfer@yahoo.com

Jason Cumbee jascumbee@gmail.com

Ed Stevens ejstevens@altlanticbb.com

If you’d like an online tool to create your budget sheets, Dave Ramsey provides the “lite” version for free. You can print them out as well… http://www.daveramsey.com/tools/budget-lite/

Have a great day and stay safe!

The Staff of Cedar Creek Banks Mill

09 February 2014

Kidz Creek Parent Connection February 9th

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06 February 2014

Live Streaming

Well, it’s official…we are now streaming the Sunday morning messages “live” to all of our campuses!  That means that everybody who calls Cedar Creek Church home is watching the same message at the same time.  What a gift to be able to all be together as a family and on the same page each and every week!!  Of course, as with all technology, there’s a learning curve and glitches occur.  For those of you at our West and Ridge campuses, I want to thank you for your patience as we work through these issues.  Our goal is to provide a seamless, high-quality message each and every week so that people far from God can find their way back to Him.  Please bear with us and continue to pray that God would use this technology for His glory.  I also want to say a very special thank you to the staff and the amazing media volunteers at all of our campuses who are working so hard behind the scenes to make this dream a reality.  You rock!

God Bless,