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January West Campus Connection

Jan 15 CCW campus connection

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December West Campus Connection

December WCC

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That Fall Family Fun Thing – Recap video

We would like to thank everyone who gave time and money to help make That Fall Family Fun Thing a huge success. Almost 1,000 people came out to enjoy the day and we hope they learned a little more about Cedar Creek West & the Aiken County Family YMCA. We’ve contacted over 90 families who said they were not members of any church to make sure they know they are more than welcome to come to Cedar Creek West anytime!

This event has been such a success, the past two years, that we plan to make it an annual event held on the 2nd Sunday in October.
We’ve included a link to a short video so you can see just how much fun everyone had! Thanks again for all your support.

With gratitude,


That Fall Family Fun Thing 2014

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October West Campus Connection


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September West Campus Connection

september west campus connection

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August West Campus Connection

August WCC

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Evolve – Week 3

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Action Point
While it may seem like there are very few things we can agree with our students on while in the middle of these tumultuous teenage years, we probably all have a similar goal in mind for our families. We want to be functional. We want to be healthy. We want to do everything we can to set ourselves up for success. And this may require some hard work—on everyone’s part. But, as parents we should be leading the way here.

So, as you get a glimpse into how your family is changing and evolving, sit down and ask yourself the following questions, taking the time to be introspective and answering honestly—as difficult as that might be. Then sit down with your teenager and ask them the specified questions that follow.

Parent Questions:
1. How can you learn not to be reactive but to take a step back and get some perspective on the tension and issues within your family?
2. What can you do to help your children see a patient and in-control parent in the midst of conflict?
3. How would you feel about letting someone else into your family dynamics in order to bring the most health to your family relationships?
4. Who would you consider to be trustworthy to confide in about your family and the potential issues and struggles you face?
5. Are you opposed to seeking outside counsel from a pastor or Christian counselor? Why or why not?

Student Questions
1. Think about some families that you know and enjoy spending time around. What makes them comfortable and fun to spend time with? Try to share a particular experience that you’ve had with this family.
2. What are some things you have seen or experienced this family do that you admire?
3. What are some things that you would enjoy doing together with your own family?
4. What are some characteristics of you’re your family that you really like? Why?
5. How do you feel about the interactions you have with each of the people in your own family? Is there one person you have an easier time relating to compared to the others? Is there one person you have a harder time relating to compared to the others? Why do you think this is?
6. What is one way that you would like to see your family change and grow?
7. What can you begin doing this week to make that change happen?

After answering the previous questions, ask your teen to help you make a list of 5 family goals for the following year (i.e. have a family meal together once a week to connect and re-assess the above questions, commit to spending one radio/cell phone¬¬-free drive to or from school per week to just talk, research and set up a family counseling session, etc.).

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Evolve – A New Centerpoint Series

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XP3_EvolveLargeBannerThis week, Centerpoint will begin a new series called Evolve.  In this series, we’d like to encourage you, the parents, to be a student of what the students are learning.  When we were growing up, our family was everything to us. They were the safe place to run to. They were the calm in the storm. They were the people whose opinions we trusted most and whose advice we took to heart. But over the years, especially the teen years, the voices of our mom and dad become more like nails on a chalkboard than the sweet sound of comfort. So what happened? Our relationship evolved. And while that isn’t necessarily the most comfortable thing in the world for a teenager to go through, it also isn’t the worst thing either. So what do we do as our students become less and less willing to listen to the wisdom their families give? How do we handle the everyday conflicts that come up between students and their families? These are important questions worth finding answers to. Because, let’s face it, the relationship is changing. But as difficult as this may be to handle right now, that change can be for the good of everyone.

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Note from Wes

Greetings West Campus family! I hope your week is going well and you are looking forward to a great weekend of rest, recreation and worship! There are a lot of incredible things happening in and through Cedar Creek Church and Cedar Creek West. I wanted to share a couple of them with you and then share some personal news, as well.
Summer is ALWAYS a happening time around the CCW / Aiken Family Y campus. We are already seeing a large number of new members signing up and getting ready for the water park to be open full time. Let me encourage you to look at your budget and schedule and see if a Y membership is something that you would benefit from. I guarantee you that you won’t regret having the opportunity to enjoy all that the Y offers on a daily basis.
Also, with the arrival of summer comes school letting out and the Camp Aiken at the Y.  Last year we saw over 100 kids attend camp at the Y daily throughout the 10 weeks of summer. One of the great opportunities that our partnership with the Y presents is the ability to participate in WOW (Worship On Wednesdays) with all the camp kidz. We will, once again, have that same opportunity this summer. Each Wednesday (excluding 4th of July week and August 13th) we will have WOW in the Kidz Worship Room beginning at 11am. The Camp Aiken Kidz will enjoy the same worship experience that our CCW Kidz experience on Sundays. What an opportunity to share Jesus with so many! If you would like to volunteer for WOW please contact
This coming Sunday, June 1, will be our “Graduate Recognition” service at both services at 9 and 11am. We have approximately nine graduates (8 high school and 1 college) signed up. During the greeting at each service we will recognize the graduates, present them with a small gift and ask them to share what their NEXT step plans are for the future. Please make it a priority to be there Sunday to help us celebrate these incredible students!
Finally, you may have heard that I will be taking a sabbatical during the months of June and July. We began sharing this information a few weeks back with leadership and volunteers. If you missed it or maybe are unsure about what this means, I wanted to give you the rundown. In the spring of 2012, Pastor Phillip Lee was experiencing “burnout” and exhaustion in his role. (click here for more info) He asked for and was given an eight week sabbatical (time off) to rest and recover. Upon his return to work, Pastor Phillip advised the Deacons that he thought it necessary and helpful to allow pastors on staff an eight week sabbatical every five years. This year, is my year.
January of this year I celebrated my fifth year in ministry and our fifth birthday as a campus. The past five years have been an amazing journey where we have seen some incredible things happening in and through our campus. We have been witness to many things that, when we remember them, make us say, “Only God could have done that!” I know that our best days are still ahead of us. I realize that what God has called us to at the West Campus is a marathon, not a sprint. Keeping that in mind, I am planning to have some time away with my family, some time with friends who God uses to fill me and some time alone with God.
I will return the weekend of August 2 to marry two good friends of mine and be back with you all that Sunday, August 3 for worship and “church wide” baptism that will happen on our campus!
Many have asked, “How can we help while you are away?” Here are a few things that will be of great help to me and to the West Campus:
Pray. Pray for me and my family. Pray for rest and renewal for me, for Keli and for Will and Hannah. We will experience some HUGE life transitions for our family this summer. Keli and I will celebrate our 20th anniversary June 25. Will graduates high school and will head off to Newberry in August and Hannah will turn 16 July 22. Pray that we can have some focused time together while I’m away. Pray for Keli as she will not have the same luxury to be away the entire eight weeks with me. She will take some vacation time but will only be out one Sunday. Pray for Will as he prepares to leave home and begin his studies and football at Newberry. Pray for Hannah as she continues to grow in her leadership with FCA, Centerpoint worship and on her volleyball team at South Aiken.
Serve. For those of you who already serve somewhere on Sunday mornings, I can’t thank you enough. You are making an eternal difference as you invest in the lives of others by creating environments where people feel welcomed to come and hear the truth about Jesus. Please keep doing what you’re doing and do a little more. Look for holes that need to be filled and ask “How can I help?” Every Sunday we have holes and opportunities for folks to serve and summer is always a time when the holes become more numerous due to vacations and such.
If you’re not currently serving anywhere, please get plugged in to a team and start doing something. You really need it. More than we need you, you need you to serve. We know that we are never more like Jesus than when we are serving others and we CANNOT grow to be more like Him without serving others. Try serving somewhere. If it’s not a fit, try something else. Keep trying until you find that sweet spot where your gifts and talents come together with an opportunity.
Invite. Jesus said, “I will grow my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” He is growing His church and He is using US to do it. As you go through your day, ask God to show you the folks around you that do not have a church home and do not have a relationship with Jesus. Then, invite them to Cedar Creek West. It’s as simple as inviting people and being nice to them when they get here. I thank God that my neighbor, Debbie Flippen Hubbard, invited Keli and I to Cedar Creek Church over 17 years ago. I shudder to think what our lives would look like today had she not asked us to join her one Sunday. A simple invitation that has a powerful, eternal significance.
One last thing. In my absence, my staff and team will be doing what they do. They are all rock stars when it comes to the things they do. I have no doubt that things will continue to run smooth as they always do because they are a great team. However, there has to be somebody that fills in at meetings and such for me. That somebody is Kevin Vincent, our Adult Ministry Director. Kevin will be the “face for the place” on Sundays as he welcomes folks at the greeting and wraps up at the end. Kevin will attend weekly meetings with church wide staff and campus pastors, deacon meetings and Y Board of Directors meetings for me. I can’t thank him enough for his willingness to stand in the gap for me.
And, I can’t thank you all enough for how you give of your time, talents and treasure. How you pray, serve and live out the mission that Jesus has given us to help people find their way back to God. REACH, CONNECT, GROW, SERVE, HONOR!

In Christ,

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May West Campus Connection

May West Campus Connection

May West Campus Connection

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