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Kidz Creek Parent Connection 12/18/2011

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Kidz Creek Parent Connection 12/11/2011

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Kidz Creek Take Out – Generosity


 GENEROSITY – making someone’s day by giving something away! 

Generosity allows us to show the character of God to others because we are never more like God than when we give. We can give our time, talents, and possessions. This month Kidz Creek wants to challenge you to think of something to give away to someone who would never expect a gift from you. It could be an acquaintance, a stranger, or someone that you know but have never given a present. Remember – gifts don’t have to be expensive (or even cost anything) to be generous. Get creative with how you can give away your time, talents, and/or possessions!

Be generous this Christmas Season!


  • Rake someone’s yard and leave them a note wishing them a Merry Christmas!
  • Many schools need new or used winter coats during this time of the year. Contact a local school’s guidance counselor to find out what their specific needs are.
  • Volunteer at the Salvation Army Toy Store- The Toy Store is the place where all the gifts purchased for “Angel Tree”, canned food items for senior citizens, and “Toys for Tots” toys are all brought. Volunteers are needed to sort and organize gifts, organize and bag food items, to clean up the Toy Shop, pack up any left over toys and finally deliver food to senior citizens. The Toy Shop will be open for operation December 5th-23rd and in need of volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Adrienne Patterson at to sign up to volunteer. This is a great way for families to volunteer together and for even young kids to be involved.



On December 4th our children all received a Gatorade during small group. As your child enjoys the Gatorade, talk to him/her about what a treat it is to get a drink like Gatorade, Koolaid, or soda. Explain that in many parts of the world not only do children not get yummy drinks, they do not even have clean water to drink! This Christmas Eve Cedar Creek Church will be taking up an offering to support CCC Water ministry projects and partners to help build wells & install filtration systems in areas that don’t have clean water. Encourage your child to use their empty Gatorade bottle to collect change over the next few weeks. Explain to your child that $10 equals clean water for 1 person for a lifetime! As a family, consider drinking only water and place the money saved in the bottle. Making even a small change can make a BIG difference. Have your child bring their “Gifts of Change” to place in the offering on Christmas Eve.

 “Be rich in good deeds…be generous and willing to share.” 1 Timothy 6:18



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Kidz Creek Parent Connection

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