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Scripture for Unreached People

Imagine that you have heard about wonderful news that could change the lives of your family and town, but you really don’t believe it because you can’t read it for yourself.  This news is only available in a foreign language so it must not be that important.  This is the feeling shared by over 340 million people today, those whose heart language is one of 2,252 languages without any Scriptures translated.

Thanks to those of you at Cedar Creek Church, the Irula people are no longer counted among those who are missing out on the good news!  Through a series of events that only God could orchestrate, you have been a part of helping the Irula hear God’s word in their heart language for the very first time!

To get the whole story listen to the second message from the Starting Point series.  But the short version is that our founding pastor, Richard Swift, through a series of events that only God could orchestrate (invitation to teach Purpose Driven Church in India, conference dates being changed after tickets purchased, Richard Googling unreached people groups, contact being made with Ebenenzer, etc) came to meet and form a relationship with Ebenezer, a guy that had been working with the Irlua tribe for years.

Since 2007, we have sent several teams that have taught our HOME group strategy to lay pastors.  Ebenezer has translated our HOME group manual into several tribal languages and is working on translating it into Hindi.  His team has started 13 small groups (house churches) using this manual.

Most exciting has been our opportunity to bring into the partnership trained Bible translators that accelerated the process for translating the Scriptures for the Irula.  On September 4, 2011, the Gospel of Luke was dedicated in the Irula language.  For the first time over 200,000 people have the opportunity to realize that the Good News that Jesus the Messiah is personal to them, and that He came for them.

Because you are a part of Cedar Creek, you are a part of this story – God’s story for the Irula.  Thanks, from the bottom of our hearts!

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