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Q: What happens at a HOME Group meeting?

A: An evening with your HOME Group is an enjoyable time together with friends where you are able to develop relationships with one another and with God. The HOME Group meetings usually consist of:

  • Inward Focus: Time to have a snack and build friendships with each other.
  • Upward Focus: Time for interactive Bible discussion and prayer.
  • Outward Focus: Discussion of how we can serve those in the community and invite others to our group.

Q: Who leads the HOME Group?
A: HOME Groups are led by trained leaders who have previously served as an apprentice leader in a group.

Q: Where do HOME Groups meet?
A: HOME Groups are hosted by one or more members of the group in their home.

Q: When do HOME Groups meet and for how long?
A: HOME Groups normally meet on a weekly basis for about an hour and a half. Specific days and times are left up to the discretion of the group.

Q: What about child care?
A: Each group is responsible for their own childcare plans. One option is to have relatives or neighbors spend time with your children. For those who do not have that option, the church will reimburse group members for their child care through use of the Child Care Reimbursement form. The HOME Group leader will familiarize you with the group's sitting plans. We ask that members in a group work together in this area so that we are good stewards of the church's money.

Q: Will I be "put on the spot" when I attend a HOME Group?
A: NO! Groups are designed for you to participate at a level in which you feel comfortable. Leaders are trained to never ask anyone to say, pray, play or read anything they are not comfortable with.
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