Family Worship Service – All Campuses – One Service at 11:00 AM

July 2, 2023 11:00 am

ONE SERVICE at 11:00 AM across all campuses
Sunday, July 2 11:00 AM Only

There will be no Kidz Creek this Sunday; however, the service will have kid-friendly elements. Remember, it’s ok if Kidz get up and move or make noise!

Help our kidz learn what worship looks like!
1. Lead by example! Let kidz see you praise, take notes, and read along in your Bible or Bible app.
2. Explain parts of the service to kidz if they need help understanding. People won’t mind whispering!
3. Encourage them to listen & participate on an age-appropriate level.
4. Turn it into a teaching time, and don’t just hope they stay quiet. Have them participate with you, even if they are young.
5. After church, talk about what you did and what you learned. Ask them if they have any questions or what was their favorite part.
FAMILY WORSHIP isn’t a time to skip church!
It’s a time for ALL of us to model authentic worship to kidz & students!
Psalm 145:4
If you are a follower of JESUS, YOU have an obligation to the next generation.