Grief Share

When death takes a loved one, you need to grieve. It's more complex than you think.

Grief is the process, designed by God, by which we let go of loved ones we have lost to death. While there is no method of grieving that fits everyone, there are proven God-given principles that help us walk through the pain and find a brighter tomorrow.

This small peer-group becomes an exceptional source of strength, hope, and support for the members – each of whom is grieving his/her own loss. Experts in the field of grieving provide helpful, biblical advice in a series of brief video lessons. Grief Share leaders have walked their own version of this path, and welcome you with compassion and love in your time of loss.

We do not charge for the 13 week class, however we do ask for each member to cover the cost of one’s workbook. That cost is $15. If that is unaffordable our ministry leaders will work with you to agree on a different price.

Check out the Care Ministries’ Calendar to see upcoming classes.


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